Words find me harder now, but they find me nevertheless.
Streets are empty, from time to time
I hear the cars hissing by my side
I see people, empty, purposeless
Gray, they see nowhere past their
physical needs. Need for power,
need for money or wealth, or all.
I find the need for peace important.
I find the spiritual needs higher
than your rush for money.
I rush for things that don’t matter,
because nothing does really matter.
If it’s there, than it’s there because
it needs to be there, it needs my touch.
If it’s there, than go for it.

There are no divine signs, but,
in a glorious paradox, everything’s a sign.

Everything you see, it’s there
because you want it there,
or because your spirit needs it.
So, if it’s yours, why do you hesitate?

That shy brunette, in the back of the bus…
With black leather pants and purple jacket…
Why won’t you go talk to her, if you find her interesting?
Afraid of losing? Losing what? Exactly.

Go ahead, go live your dreams, dream high,
embrace your nightmares, it’s the only way you’ll make them disappear.