Știu că obișnuiesc să scriu în română, dar continuă să citești.

I was gonna keep this for later, but things develop fast.

I know that „It’s not a silly little moment”, I know that „it’s not the storm before the calm”, but it is „the deep and dying breath of this love that we’ve been working on”. We weren’t working anymore… well, we were, but ofcourse, you walked away, which makes you just that girl. You’ll be walking out relationships that work out too damn well just because you miss someone or wonder how’d’ll be with another guy, the truth being that you’ll always want the other guy. You will become what I despise since last year. You will become me. Well, not today me, but last year me. You’ll dump the best thing that you find in favor of something that you hope will work. I dumped a relationship that worked on one that didn’t even exist, and look where it got me now: getting dumped by someone who needs to invent a reason to dump her flawless boyfriend. Now, I want you to take a moment off your time and think about what you really want from your life, and from a man, then, when you are sure, I don’t even want you to let me know, I just want you to go ahead and take it.